Short Update: What happend in the last weeks

Hey there, in the last couple of weeks I did not release any new blog post. Sorry for that. There reason among others is that I invest most of the time in university and work at the moment. Beside that I toke also a little bit free time for myself. But nevertheless I learned and experienced a couple of interesting things in the last weeks which I want to share with me. Therefore this blog post will not be about any specific technical topic, rather I want to talk about some ideas and experiences I experienced the last weeks.

Functional programming

In my new semester I start learning with functional programming, a pretty interesting concept of program architecture beside the object oriented world idea. I feel about functional programming very differential. If I try to solve something and it does not work I hate it but when it work I love the sleek design of the final result. I also watched a great video by Ted Neward about functional programming, which helped me very much to understand the concept and idea behind it.

If you are new to functional programming or you are thinking that you do not need it because you are only spending your time at important tasks like transforming collections of objects into XML, in these cases I only can recommend you to watch the whole video, because functional programming does not only exist in Haskell or other functional programming languages.

GitHub Client

I currently build a GitHub client with Angular. The Angular App should search a User and fetch important data like profile information, repositories etc. about the User and display it. Nothing really special but I am planning some more exciting stuff combined with the GitHub API and Machine Learning in the future.

Spring Boot

I also have learned a little bit Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a Java Framework for building stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Application that you can “just run”. With it you can very fast build a backend that can very much. Recently they released Spring Framework 5.0.

Global Day of Code Retreat

On last Saturday I toke part at the Global Day of Code Retreat, organized and hosted by Opitz Consulting and JUG Essen.

It was one of my first Meetups and it was very interesting. We start at 8:30AM, therefore I woke up at around 7AM to shower and drive with train to Essen.

After everyone arrived we had breakfast together and got to know each other.

We had a couple of coding session in which we developed in pair programming the Game of Life challenge. After every session we had a retro, so that everybody could learn from everybody. At the end of the day we developed a roman number converter which converts decimals into roman numbers. The special was, that we did this in mob programming. So we developed it as a whole group and switched every five minutes the typing position. I never did this and it was a interesting experience.

All in all it was a very cool day. Thanks again to JUG Essen, Opitz Consulting, Birgit Kratz and everybody else who joined, organized and sponsored the event.

Thanks for reading my short update, there will be coming more technical topics in the near future. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to not miss any important news 😉 See you soon!